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About us

alliance-cementAiming at progress, success and well-being is a driving force of mankind. The cement industry is one of the most constructive and dynamically developing fields all over the world.

The main purpose of our company is to favour to the development of the cement industry by creating of constructive alliance between representatives of science, expert-analysts, planning and engineering organizations, developers of technologies, instruments and facilities, equipment producers and, directly, cement specialists.

The work of “Alliance-Cement” LLC is based on the following principals:

The main activity direction of “Alliance-Cement” LLC is organizing and holding of scientific-technical seminars and conferences for the cement industry and editing of the journal “World of Cement” resulted on the events.

The aim of our events: providing scientific, analytical and technical information to be put in practice by the specialists.

Every our seminar is oriented to a certain objective audience. It has a narrow topic and in accordance with this topic we thoroughly make a programme and determine a circle of specialists to be invited.

The information is supplied in the form of scientistsʼ and expert-analystsʼ reports and presentations of equipment producers.

Participation in an open team discussion helps to disclose better the topic, understand the incipitient problems and find proper ways for their solution.

Representatives of company-developers of advanced high-technology equipment and key consumables are invited to the seminars.

Our seminars offer to equipment producers several effective ways of the information supply: in the form of presentations, participating in exhibition, as well as placing of advertisement booklets in information packets of the seminar participants.

We know the influence which beauty and comfort have upon people. That is why we hold our meetings in picturesque places of the country, in the most beautiful cities choosing respectable hotels and complexes of high level. This ensured that the big information stream and the programme filled with many events are easier taken and assimilated by the participants.

There is always a possibility to take part in cultural and excursion programmes and relax in health-improving and sports centers of the hotels.

Participation in the events held by “Alliance-Cement” LLC contributes to new knowledge and methods, increasing of competence, optimization of relationship in new and existing projects and programmes.

After every event we issue the journal “World of Cement” which contents at most corresponds to the programme of the event held. The journal is distributed to all seminar delegates, all cement plants, subscribers and advertisers.

 The team of “Alliance-Cement” LLC is constantly aiming at perfection.

We are pleased to know your impressions about our events and ready to consider all your remarks, wishes and offers. We are ready to a dialogue and new forms of cooperation!