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Report about last seminar

Technical director, Manuilov Vladimir Eugenievich made a report about the experience of economy of fuel and energy resources on Iskitimcement OJSC.

Representatives of such Russian universities as Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov and Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin shared with us some interesting theoretical and practical elaborations.

One of the eldest institute projecting for a cement industry GIPROCEMENT along with other projecting companies successfully work out some plans of reconstruction of acting cement plants and also building of new ones using main technological equipment of western countries. Petrov Victor Ivanovich, technical director, told in his report about all the peculiarities of projecting in today’s conditions.

The main challenge of the company Projects & Technologies – Management & Development is a comprehensive state of the art design development for industrial projects on the international level. Today the main amount of work consist of projects of new and reconstructing plants using dry method of production, and also mining of cement raw materials.

Bernstein Lev Grigorievich, Director General of Research-and-development Center “Giprocement – Nauka” in his report made an analysis of ways to improve wet and dry kiln cement production.

We all know that successful modernization can’t be without introduction of automation control system of industrial machinery, process, scheduling and logistics, information - analytical systems of top level. Rubezhansky Alexander Vyacheslavovich, director of young but fast developing engineering company Automated Information Systems and Technologies LLC EC touch upon the issue with this points in his report.

We were also glad to see among the participants of our seminar Zharko Vladimira Ivanovicha technical director of analytical company SMPro LLC. He analysed the state of the cement industry in Russia and other CIS countries in our days.

SMPro LLC have a unique experience in the sphere of analytical researches of technologies and building materials markets, policy design and business development.

Thanks to the high-technology development and long experience of introduction and use of this technologies in practice, thanks to use of state-of-the-art equipment and materials the process of cement industry modernization develop in Russia and CIS countries. And this development conduces to the growth of production competitiveness.

Many specialists from different companies taking leading positions took part in this seminar.

 These are such companies as:

The equipment installed in many plants by  HAVER & BOECKER established a very good reputation. And the possibility to receive qualitative warranty and post-warranty service makes it possible to develop a long-term and reliable partnership.

The ZOLLERN group consists of the five business units:

The company offers its customers special solutions within the focus branches of power generation, automotive, aviation, naval industry, construction machinery and machine building.

And finally, MAGNEZIT GROUP. They take a leading place in production of refractory materials. They offer the whole complex of refractories for cement clinker burning and lime calcining units.

The activity basis of the Group is the manufacture and realization of high — quality refractory products, and also rendering of services for completing and operation clients’ thermal units.

Magnezit Group fulfils the design of units lining using fire-resistant materials, the combination of which depends on the furnace diameter and its operating features. They can offer the variants using metal plates and pasteboard compensators (plates) glued onto the appropriate sides. All supplied fire-resistant materials are made at the factories with certified system of quality management according to ISO 9001.

For the purpose of carrying out of high — quality assembling and provision of assured resistance of lining, the complete list of auxiliary equipment (such as cutting machines and mixers) is offered.

All these companies proved themselves to be a good and reliable partners for cement industry.

This is the second seminar which is passed under the guidance of  Alliance-Cement LLC, astart-up company. The employees of this company have a 10 years experience in the organization and holding of seminars and conferences.

The work of “Alliance-Cement” LLC is based on the following principals:

Today modernization issues of cement production are highly urgent for cement specialists. First of all it’s the question of modernization of existing technologies, corresponding to the main criteria of quality, automation, energy saving and environmental standarts.

There is no future without innovations especially in cement industry. That’s why many plants start to use dry production method instead of moist and semidry methods.

The programme of the seminar provides for an excursion to Cement LLC (LSR). This is one of the high-technology enterprises of new generation equipped with modern facilities of the leading European producers. Cement LLC is also one of the pollution-free and energy efficient cement productions not only in Russia, but in the world. The represenatives of this plant also take part in our seminar “Modernization of current cement production. Characteristics of engineering and implementation in existing conditions”.